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Hands up if large groups of aggressively loud white boys in your vicinity freak you out

One of the things that bonds women, POC, and LGBTQA+ together: The fear of white men in numbers.

Did you mean: Congress?

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Daniele Watts, an African-American actress who has starred in Hollywood films such as Django Unchained, was “handcuffed and detained” by Los Angeles police officers after being mistaken for a prostitute for kissing her white husband in public.

More on this story can be found here

"She said when she reminded the officer of his oath to "protect and serve," he replied, 'My job's not to serve people like you.' ”

 'My job's not to serve people like you.' 
 'My job's not to serve people like you.' 
 'My job's not to serve people like you.' 
Has everybody got that? Does anyone still think any of this bullshit ‘has nothing to do with race’? 

From’s Newsletter—September 30, 2014


Chief Belmar Says Protesters Arrested by Mistake In an unexpected twist, Chief Belmar testified that the 5 second rule was only supposed to apply at night and that miscommunication led to its application during the dayMust read.

The Agencies Investigating Ferguson Brief and fascinating article that quickly summarizes the various agencies conducting investigations in Ferguson. This also includes a brief description of the investigation type. Must read.

Darren Wilson Involved in Another Case There is a drug case headed to a grand jury that involves Darren WilsonQuick, important read.

Clergy Join Protesters In Protest This article describes the scene across from the Ferguson PD when clergy joined in protest and a clergyman was arrested.

Protesters Held As Hostages Protesters negotiated with police over the weekend for the release of other protesters while demonstrating across from the Ferguson PD. Important read.

ACLU Challenges the 5-Second Rule This article provides an overview of the ACLU lawsuit challenging the implementation of the 5-second rule with Ferguson protesters.

Defend the Right to Know  This succinct editorial calls on the public and other allies to put pressure on Ferguson to not charge excessive fees as they comply with FOIA or Sunshine Law requests. 

Officer Shot Did Not Have Time to Activate Body Cam The Ferguson officer that was shot apparentlydid not have time to activate his body cam. Interesting lens into the body cam issue.

Letter from Langdon, MO A civic leader in another Missouri town pens this op-ed reflecting on the events of Ferguson and a link between rural areas of MO and urban/suburban areas re: police shootings.

Why So Many Officers? This is an invaluable article for understanding the municipal police forces in Missouri and why some even have police forces. Must read.

Influenced by Ferguson, Chicago Families Demand Action This article describes recent calls to action by Chicago families to review police shootings using deadly force. 

Protester Response to the Ferguson “Misconceptions” The City of Ferguson released an 18-point “Misconceptions” document earlier this week. This is the protester’s response to the “Misconceptions.”Must read.

The Demands Launched recently, this site is the platform for the Ferguson demands. It is a living list of demands and is open for you to add comments and suggestions that can inform the next iteration. Must engage.

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maybe i’m in the minority







but i really wish people in fandom would be more honest.

‘i hate this pairing because it deviates from my head canon that my OTP are in love.’

‘i hate this female character because, like all women in patriarchal societies, i struggle with internalised misogyny and it’s easier for me to hate her than to accept this canonical pairing that’s different from my OTP’ (and/or ‘because i’ve been raised to believe this female character exhibits traits that are bad in women but good in men’).

‘i want to write a fic about the break up of a canonical pairing that demonises the female character because i want the male character to remain the Good Guy so the other character in my OTP can justifiably be in love with him. this story makes me feel good. it comforts me.’

see also: liking problematic things does not make you a bad person.

‘I want to read fic where a male character is feminized, infantilized, and treated like a cherished possession, because I struggle every single day to make my way in the world as a woman and an adult, and it’s hard, and it’s tiring.  And I want to do it. And I will do it.  But there’s still that part of me, uneradicated, that has internalized a tiny seed of a misguided idea that it would be easier, better - less of a struggle - for a woman to stay home barefoot and pregnant, while someone takes care of her.  I don’t want this for myself.  I know that nothing about that, in real life, is easy.  I’m uncomfortable enough with it that I have to displace the actual explicit gender out of it in order to read it.  But this is  what I want to read.’

I would just like to say that ever since I started phrasing things in this way, it’s helped me enormously to get the fuck over what other people thought of me and my writing — and what I thought of my writing and my kinks.

Here’s one: “I want to read fic that centers on unequal relationships, including BDSM and dubious/non consent stories. But Bad Shit has happened to me in real life before, so I’m more comfortable reading and writing about a same-sex couple. That way I don’t have to worry about societal inequalities, or feel like my gender is under attack like I do when even glancing at 50 Shades and its ilk.”

another excellent one.

I tried to articulate one of these for myself but when I realised what I’d written I deleted it, and now I’m kind of crying. This is pretty powerful stuff.

I’ll never again let someone shame me for the fics I read/write. Fic is catharsis. Mine, not yours.

I have several of these. Good to see people spelling through them clearly. It helps do the math on “this is my stuff” and “this is how my stuff bounces off other stuff.”

It does not excuse me from taking responsibility if I write stuff that craps on other identities, but it sure as heck helps me sort out, if I was veering that direction, what the *important* part was for me emotionally so I can handle it another way.

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Misogyny in Doctor Who



So, I’m sure all you bright young things have already worked this out, but a friend of mine just pointed out to me that if we’re really angry with Doctor Who for its misogyny, uncritical presentation of the Doctor as a colossal patriarch, creepy abusive relationship stuff with how he treats Clara etc., we can complain!

Here’s the link!  How amazing would it be if they got enough complaints that they actually had to change things?!

I was like, why didn’t that occur to me?  She said, well, that’s patriarchy for you.  It makes you feel powerless.  It was becausegoodheroesdeservekidneys, by the way.

If multiple people complain to the BBC via the official channels, they do actually have to at least acknowledge it. I wonder why we don’t see this link passed around more on Tumblr/Twitter? 



 It did look a lot like when pearl regenerated.

SHOUT OUT to all of you who predicted the gem corruption thing!!

Sept. 17 1:10 pm






HOly shit that second link

Holy fucking shit.

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